Quality and safety of cosmetic products

It is just today, in times of globalization, inevitable to inform consumers about what cosmetics manufacturers claim to the quality of their products. This creates transparency and trust in the diverse range of cosmetic products. We have been advising businesses in the cosmetic industry for nearly 20 years. Customers worldwide rely on our high standards we put in our daily work related to the safety and quality of cosmetic products.

Through this rigorous and neutral approach, we offer our customers to take advantage of our quality label. In the subsequent introduction of the various quality labels, we want to demonstrate what measures are necessary in order to be able to use the label.

Quality Label: „C-GMP ISO 22716:2007 Verified“

The ISO 22716 standard is a guide to cosmetic GMP for the manufacture of cosmetic products.

The production according to cosmetic GMP and the implementation of the standard are regulated in the Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. This means that companies need to manufacture cosmetic products in accordance with GMP. Evidence that manufacturing is in accordance with the law, can be created by any business. Such evidence can be attributed to the the so-called "product information file". An audit by an external entity is not required. Since we are one of the leading consulting firms for the verification of compliance with cosmetic GMP, companies desiring to carry our label will have to undergo a rigorous evaluation of the entire manufacturing process by us. Only a positive assessment leads to the use of our quality label.

Label Award

The label assignment is subject to the following basic requirements, which are reviewed by us and strictly neutral:

  • Complete audit of the company with regard to compliance with the ISO 22716 standard by us
  • Positive audit results
  • Annual review
  • The company is required to immediately notify us of any changes that affect the compliance with the ISO 22716 standard
  • Consent to allow unannounced inspections by us

License Agreement

Between us and the user of the label a contract is concluded, containing the above detailed points. It also contains sanctions in case of a possible violation. In such case, for example, further label use can be prohibited.

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Publication of the audited companies

Audited companies authorized to use the quality are published in a list which can be found here.