Customer reviews

Customer reviews at a glance

AMYRA GmbH (Germany)

"We would like to thank Pfeiffer Consulting very much for their proactive support enabling us to access the market in Saudi Arabia.
In particular, we would like to point out the fast and straightforward processing and assistance for any questions such as export, etc.

It is our pleasure to recommend you to others!"

Jutta Welz

andrea.biedermann Manufaktur GmbH (Germany)

"From the start of our company we have been cooperating with Pfeiffer Consulting. With words and deeds, Mr. Pfeiffer has always been at our side for any question – and that is very rare in our field of business, in particular as a small company. I am convinced that we wouldn’t be where we are if I didn’t receive Mr. Pfeiffer’s support with the implementation of all relevant cosmetic matters 12 years ago.

The Cosmetic Campus seminars are always held in a very expert yet humorous way. This company understands exactly how to communicate the mostly legal and bureaucratic topics in a lively and funny way and, therefore, the interesting seminars are a lot of fun and entertainment, too. The direct cooperation is also very personal, and we get the feeling to be really taken care of. We feel appreciated and are looking forward to our future cooperation."

Andrea Biedermann
CEO & Product Management
andrea.biedermann Manufaktur GmbH

BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH (Germany)

„BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH with their brands Sans Soucis, Biodroga, Dr. Scheller, Biodroga MD and Bio:Vegane ranks amongst the leading independent medium-sized cosmetic companies in Germany. They provide everything starting with the idea for a product, followed by research and development, production, filling and the worldwide shipping in over 60 countries.

For many years we have been connected in good cooperation with Pfeiffer Consulting and Mr. Pfeiffer. As external auditor and consultant as well as for the certification according to DIN ISO 22716, Mr. Pfeiffer has always proved to be a competent, pragmatic and uncomplicated partner.

Our colleagues also like to benefit from the Cosmetic Campus seminars thanks to their pleasant atmosphere and the highly qualified speakers.

We are looking forward to our continued constructive partnership."

Jochen Falk
Senior Manager Quality Assurance / Quality Management
BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH

Bioflora Ehrmed GmbH (Österreich)

"Die Bioflora Ehrmed GmbH arbeitet jetzt schon seit mehr als 5 Jahren mit Herrn Michael Pfeiffer von Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH zusammen. Herr Pfeiffer stand und steht uns kompetent, zuverlässig und nachhaltig mit der Umsetzung der Kosmetik GMP Richtlinien zur Seite und bietet auch bei ungewöhnlichen Fragestellungen immer mehr als nur ausreichende Lösungen an. Die Bioflora Ehrmed vertraut auch in Zukunft auf das Know-how und seine kompetente Umsetzung durch Herrn Michael Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH."

Franz Bachmair

Bioflora Ehrmed GmbH, Salzburg (Österreich)

Bodi-Beauty Ltd. (Bulgaria)

For more than 12 years, Mr. Michael Pfeiffer from Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH has been consulting our company. He has qualified us (a small but renowned Bulgarian company) for the future and for the worldwide export of our products. He estimate his expertise and his practical suggestions for implementation. Also in marketing and sales, Pfeifer Consulting is an important and reliable partner. Without their support, we would not be where we are at today. We thank them very much!

Kalina Dobreva, M.Sc. Chem. Eng.
Marketing Director

Bodi-Beauty Ltd., Plovidv, Bulgaria

BO Cosmetic GmbH


BO Cosmetic GmbH is family-directed German company.” With our approximately 40 employees, we produce and sell handmade bath essences, soaps and body care products and market them under the label “Badefee”.

Mr. Pfeiffer accompanied and supported us during our relocation to a new bigger production site which was built and designed to meet the requirements of Cosmetic GMP according to our needs. We always received answers quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way whenever we had questions or met uncertainties during this process. Thus, it was possible to implement everything necessary for a timely verification according to ISO 22716 on Cosmetic GMP:

Our conclusion: Also as a smaller medium-sized company, we feel that we are in good hands with Mr. Pfeiffer. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

Olga Boxberger

BO Cosmetic GmbH, Germany

Bulgarian Industrial Association for Perfumery, Cosmetics and Essential Oils (Bulgaria)

"The cooperation between our Association and PFEIFFER CONSULTING GmbH started 2006. Thanks to the professional and competent PFEIFFER CONSULTING team, we have successfully implemented projects for the development and the extension of training and qualification actions during this period of time. In addition, they supported us with the improvement of our association activities.

Among the results of practical seminars, workshops and meetings within the past 12 years, we can count the stabilization and internationalization of our Bulgarian Cosmetic industry as well as the strengthening of our association for the cooperation with international organizations and European associated colleagues.

We would like to express our high satisfaction and gratefulness for the cooperation with PFEIFFER COSULTING. We are looking forward to continue our successful cooperation in future. "

Gergana Andreeva
Executive Direktor

BNAEOPC (Bulgarian Industrial Association for Perfumery, Cosmetics and Essential Oils), Plovdiv, Bulgarien

Cosmetics Research and Product Development Labs LLC (USA)

"Mr. Michael Pfeiffer is the consummate cosmetic consulting professional as he knows how to put everyone at ease the moment he enters our facility. He is diligent about collecting information, and insists on developing custom reports to provide us a very effective presentation on quality improvement in compliance with ISO 22716 Cosmetic-GMP Standard. His professional, comprehensive, and refined approach make his work much more valuable to clients like us because of his practical and inspiring guidance to comply with ISO 22716 Cosmetic-GMP Standard.

Most importantly, Mr. Pfeiffer always indicates the practical applications his work has for our company and future revenue generation."

Rose Dinh

Cosmetics Research and Product Development Labs LLC, Irwindale (CA - USA)

Cosmetic Service GmbH (Germany)

"Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH

  • has always given us excellent advise on COSMETIC GMP from the first hours, and continues to conduct us in our permanent improvement process with their high experience.
  • is our expert contact for questions on the EU Cosmetic Regulation
  • furthermore supports us concerning questions on the marketability in the USA and Canada
  • offers highly qualified trainings pertaining to the cosmetic regulations via `Cosmetic Campus´
  • helps with word and deeds and is always available on short notice.

Thank you very much!"

Klaus Grabowsky

Cosmetic Service GmbH, Eppertshausen

Cosmetix West Inc. (USA)

"Mr. Michael Pfeiffer, CEO of Pfeiffer Consulting, has done a tremendous job in guiding Cosmetix West towards continuous quality improvement in alignment with ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP standard. His zoning concept of our facility helped us elevate our quality system and safety control procedure with relative ease. His seminar subject on ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP has greatly improved our understanding of this international standard. We have implemented his guidance and recommendations to ensure that all cosmetic products that we ship to our customers are safe and of the highest quality."

John Labinpuno
Quality Assurance Manager

Cosmetix West Inc. El Segundo, CA, USA


CoValence Inc. (USA)

"We were introduced to Pfeiffer Consulting a number of years ago to help review Cosmetic GMP’s for ISO 22716 compliance. His guidance was invaluable to upgrade our GMP’s and obtain the ISO certification we targeted. We continue to use Pfeiffer consulting for this purpose as well as other various services regarding EU Regulations and Compliance as his work for us has always been timely and first rate."

John Wochner
Director of Global Sales

CoValence Inc. Chandler, AZ (USA)

Dr. Sacher Kosmetik GmbH (Germany)

"Since 2014, we have established a reliable cooperation with Pfeiffer Consulting. Their safety assessments are delivered in due course and with the highest quality. For an uncomplicated processing with precise reports, you are always in good hands with Pfeiffer Consulting."

Dagmar Krings-Schütt
Product & Marketing Manager

Dr. Sacher Kosmetik GmbH, Roetgen

FC Franken-Kosmetik Chemie-Handel GmbH (Germany)

"The Pfeiffer Consulting project processing is target oriented and cost-effective. Their consulting is top quality. In particular, we appreciate their competence, reliability and their support when searching feasible solutions. "

Andres Schindele

FC-Franken-Kosmetik  Chemie-Handel GmbH

h&m gutberlet GmbH (Germany)

"Since 2015 Pfeiffer Consulting with Mr. Pfeiffer has been for gutberlet® cosmetics and for me personally a very important partner, not only for the Cosmetic GMP audit. Pfeiffer Consulting is partner for a multitude of questions and issues concerning cosmetic products and their production in accordance with Cosmetic GMP as well as for questions on requirements of the US and Canadian market. Mr. Pfeiffer possesses a highly substantiated expert knowledge and excellent communication skills. In addition he disposes of a large network of experts. Within no delay, qualified answers or approaches for solutions are provided. The Cosmetic Campus trainings are held by very competent and skilled speakers. There is always time to discuss certain q1uestions and issues. The training venues can be easily accessed and, therefore, traveling there is hassle-free.

For an uncomplicated support concerning all matters of cosmetic products or for training on the latest updates, you are at the right place with Pfeiffer Consulting and Cosmetic Campus!"

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Antonia Schedlbauer
Laboratory Manager

h&m gutberlet GmbH, Nuremberg/Germany


IdeaPro GmbH (Germany)

"For many years, we have been cooperating closely and successfully with Pfeiffer Consulting. Particularly in the fields of quality assurance, safety assessments /PID/CPNP and certifications, a good cooperation is vital. Together, we have already been able to realize many customer requests efficiently and in a timely manner. We really appreciate to have such a competent and professional partner supporting us at all times. Pfeiffer Consulting means the right price, high quality and perfect service! Many thanks for the long years of good cooperation!"

Markus Baumgärtner

IdeaPro GmbH, Mannheim/Germany

Jüstrich GmbH (Switzerland)

"For several years, Pfeiffer Consulting has provided us support in Cosmetic GMP. Thanks to their extremely competent consulting on the implementation of ISO 22716 in the company and thanks to their suggestions for an application oriented and efficient realization of renovation actions, we were able to increase our quality standard considerably. This excellent cooperation was the reason to decide some time ago to go with Pfeiffer Consulting also for the safety assessment reports, CPNP notification of products and the review of label texts. To sum it up and to make the point: Pfeiffer Consulting knows how to realize projects in a competent, flexible and efficient manner."

Jürg König

Jüstrich GmbH, Berneck Switzerland

KHK GmbH (Germany)

"We very much appreciate the cooperation with Pfeiffer Consulting, and for many years we have been experiencing a very intensive service and consulting. In particular, we like the strategic consideration of issues with forward-looking approaches – Pfeiffer Consulting is always thinking outside the box. In addition, Mr. Pfeiffer has access to an excellent network of different services. This combination of competences offers us as a medium-sized manufacturer a considerable additional value. "

Natalie Follmann
KHK GmbH, Cologne/Germany

Kurz GmbH Bleistiftfabrik & Cosmetics (Germany)

"Pfeiffer Consulting is the perfect partner for the implementation of our  Cosmetic GMP concept and also for the corresponding renovation plans of our new production site: accurate, professional, effective and efficient. This also applies to Pfeiffer Consulting’s training offers: Our employees apply proactively for the participation in the Cosmetic Campus seminars. Michael Pfeiffer provides a highly recommendable comprehensive package."

Dr. Erhard Scherz

Kurz GmbH Bleistiftfabrik & Cosmetics, Rosenheim/Germany

La Vida Naturprodukte - Natural products (Austria)

"The requirements in the field of cosmetics production are becoming more and more challenging and we are very grateful that Mr. Pfeiffer has been supporting and advising us for many years. The topics that are very important to us, such as product safety and quality assurance, have been implemented in a practical and efficient manner. Cosmetic GMP has already become an important quality criterion for many of our private label customers and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pfeiffer for his always rapid feedback on inquiries and look forward to out further successful cooperation."

Isabella Löschnigg
Product development

La Vida Naturprodukte - Natural products

Mann & Schröder GmbH (Germany)

"Mann & Schröder GmbH has been using Pfeiffer Consulting’s services for many years for the certification pursuant DIN EN ISO 22716 (Cosmetic GMP).

In this context, Mr. Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer Consulting) has always been available for us as a very competent partner pursuing our concerns always in a timely and constructive manner.

Also beyond the GMP regulation, you can rely on their vast expert knowledge, the extensive experiences as well as their knowledge about the international cosmetic market.

Any potential for improvement and possibilities for implementation have always been communicated in a pleasant and practical way.

We would like to continue the use of these core competences in future and are looking forward to many years of good cooperation."

Christoph Bohnsack
Head of quality assurance and quality management

Mann & Schröder GmbH, Siegelsbach/Germany

Mara Kosmetik GmbH (Germany)

"Today we received our certificate by mail! We know that our journey has just begun and there is much more to do. However, we would like to thank Mr. Pfeiffer and Ms. Brysch for the good cooperation and your help at any time."

Mara Kosmetik GmbH

Nele Kosmetik GmbH (Germany)

"Nele Kosmetik GmbH is a family-run German company producing and developing decorative cosmetic products for over 32 years. Mr. Pfeiffer supports our company with competent and reliable care concerning the implementation of Cosmetic GMP regulations. For questions, he is always available in due course and helps with words and deeds. His seminar excel by a selection of highly qualified and first-rate speakers. Their safety assessments are always processed in a fast, correct and accurate way.

We would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation within the past years."

Diana Koch
Project Manager

Nele Kosmetik GmbH, Igensdorf/Germany

Nisch Exclusive Brands GmbH (Germany)

"Thanks to his practical experience, Mr. Pfeiffer has navigated us in a highly pleasant way through the maze of laws and regulations and has shown us a practicable route. He approached our very particular situation with highest commitment and accommodation. This revealed clearly that Mr. Pfeiffer does not look for the short-term financial profit but it is his goal to build a sustainable and long-term partnership. We would like to thank him for the trust he put in us in advance. We are looking forward to our long and successful cooperation"

Nisch Exclusive Brands GmbH

Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH (Germany)

"PFEIFFER CONSULTING does not only mean consulting but also comprehensive, elaborate and sustainable support for all questions on Cosmetic GMP and product safety. Furthermore, they also prepare safety assessments and product information files for our company. In addition to their competence and experience, we also appreciate their pragmatic, fast and cost-effective processing.

COSMETIC CAMPUS is the ultimate transfer of knowledge! Always new and always of-to-date. Executives as well as employees benefit from the large variety of subjects and the theoretical and practical teaching true to the COSMETIC CAMPUS philosophy „Innovation starts with people“.

For now over 15 years, Michael Pfeiffer and his team from PFEIFFER CONSULTING has been a highly appreciated and trusted partner of Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH."

Holger Stemann
Head of quality assurance

Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH, Windhagen/Germany

perfumes and more GmbH (Austria)

For over 6 years, Mr. Pfeiffer and the Pfeiffer Consulting GmbH team have been permanently conducting our company. We appreciate their expert knowledge, flexibility and the consulting quality when realizing our projects. This includes e.g. the implementation of Cosmetic GMP, the consulting for our new building and the preparation of safety assessments. We are looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation.

Verena Resch

perfumes and more GmbH, Graz, Austria
pam - perfumes and more GmbH

Rubella Beauty (Bulgarien)

We, RUBELLA BEAUTY, Bulgaria have the opportunity and honor to work with Pfeiffer Consulting for 10 years now.

Pfeiffer Consulting is our certification organization under ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP from the very beginning, when Rubella Beauty has started with the implementation of  the standard.

From the very beginning of this long cooperation, we have always relied on competent and very professional help of Pfeiffer Consulting. Thanks to their advices and support we created and developed our production in compliance with all requirements. In any time, we know that in the face of Pfeiffer Consulting we have a faithful friend and ally, ready to help with advice or professional opinion.

That’s why we would like to say THANK YOU Pfeiffer Consulting, for the support, understanding and the pleasure to work together!

Radmila Georgieva
R&D & Regulatory Affairs

Rubella Beauty, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sunday Riley (USA)

We have been using Pfeiffer Consulting’s services for the certification of DIN EN ISO 22716:2008-12 (Cosmetic GMP).

Mr. Michael Pfeiffer, has always proved to be a competent, very professional and flexible to accommodate to our time and needs.

Maria Dominguez
Compliance Manager.

Sunday Riley, Houston, TX (USA)

The Powder Company AG (Switzerland)

In Pfeiffer Consulting, we trust a partner who supports in a quick, competent and application oriented manner in all regards of Cosmetic GMP, regular staff trainings as well as infrastructural requirements.

Their safety assessments are issued swiftly and with a very good quality, and they also respond to extraordinary questions quickly and with expert knowledge.

Alexander Zurkinden

The Powder Company AG, Einsiedeln/Switzerland